Scotland’s Brexit future? A tartan theme park largely populated by pensioners.

Iain Macwhirter

Read Iain in the Herald and Sunday Herald.

Shortly before the 2014 referendum, I was asked what I thought Scotland might look like in the long term if it didn’t seize the opportunity of independence in Europe.  I replied that it might resemble a tartan theme park with a shrinking population largely composed of pensioners eking out a marginal living in a post-industrial tourism economy. I hate to sound negative, but I fear that future may be upon us sooner than anyone expected.

Unionists used to say that Scotland dodged a bullet by voting No to independence in 2014 just as the oil price collapse got underway in earnest. Unfortunately, the Brexit bullet has hit Scotland in the vitals. The Scottish economy shrank in the last three months of last year and it looks like a recession cannot be avoided.

Conservative politicians have argued that the First Minister’s talk of an independence…

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