7 Reasons to #VoteSNP – No. 6: A Greener Scotland

In Scotland, we are lucky to have the spectacular scenery, beaches, mountains, forests and wildlife that make our country truly unique. From the lush, green, rolling hills of the lowlands to the rugged moorland and mountains of our highlands, Scotland’s environment is stunning. It’s little wonder, then, that we work so hard to preserve that environment with efforts to look after our countryside as well as doing our bit to tackle climate change.

As a country, we have recognised that climate change affects us all and it’s up to all of us to do our bit to keep our planet, and our own wee corner of it, greener. By working with renewables to cut greenhouse gas emissions, to recycling more to help prevent pollution in our countryside, rivers, lochs and seas, Scotland is doing its bit to tidy up.

Leading the charge has been the SNP government, with funding and incentives across the board to help companies and individuals do their bit.

Campaigns to save electricity and so on have seen the targets for energy consumption reduction of 12% by 2020 already surpassed, with an overall reduction in usage of 13.3% between 2006 and 2013. More of this energy than ever before is now coming from renewable sources, with renewables being the largest source of electricity contribution in Scotland – this is due to renewable output more than doubling since 2007.

The SNP has remained committed to reducing the impact of fossil fuels too, with the Scottish Government on set to reach its ambitions and world leading targets of a 42% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. As well as this, the Scottish Government is safeguarding our countryside and holding off further dependence on fossil fuels with its moratorium on underground liquid coal gasification and hydraulic fracturing.

As a result of SNP policies, we are now managing our waste better. In Scotland, recycling levels are at an all-time high and climbing, with 43% of household waste being recycled in 2014. As more councils roll out easier ways to recycle too, this number will only increase, decreasing the size of landfill sites and our pollution to our environment. Disposable arrier bags, the bane of the environment, have been seeing a decline lately, since the SNP introduced a 5p bag levy in Scotland. The 5p carrier bag charge as seen usage of disposable carrier bags fall and more people opting for reusable bags. As another result of this charge, over £7 million has been raised by shops and supermarkets for numerous good causes. This model has since been used by the Westminster Government and rolled out across England.

Our waterside communities are now safer from flooding than ever before, with the Scottish Government brining investment for new flood defences and counter flooding measures as well as the new measures to be implemented under the Flooding Act. Floods are becoming more and more of a regular occurrence as a result of climate change and have the power to destroy homes and livelihoods, devastating families and wreaking havoc on the local economy; the SNP are committed to doing everything possible to mitigating these disasters.

These policies and other besides them are just part of the SNP’s record on making Scotland greener and helping Scotland to become a global leader on issues of climate change and environmental protection. In Scotland, our environment is truly dear to us; the idea of living in a rugged environment, braving the rain and wintry weather (be it December of July) is part of our national identity, our natural environment brings tourists from all across the world and brings millions to our economy.

It truly is worth protecting.

And it’s the SNP who’ve been doing that for the past nine years. So, if you want to see a greener Scotland, a Scotland paving the way for international action and standards on saving the planet, it has to be Both Votes SNP.


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