Caledonia quo vadis? Scotland’s vote against self determination

Discounting the over 55 age bracket sees the Yes vote move up to roughly 54%. Better Together lied to some of our most vulnerable, our pensioners, to scare them into a No vote

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In its referendum on Thursday, the Scottish people made a mistake I am near certain they will come to regret: They voted “no”. Their vote was a “no” to self-determination, a “no” to social justice, a “no” to healthier state finances, to development of infrastructure and the Scottish economy. It was also a “yes”: A “yes” to austerity, a “yes” to cuts, a “yes” to the insulting notion that Scotland is too wee, too poor, and too stupid. I’d like to examine why they made such an incredibly flawed decision, and where they can go from here.

The statistics

One of the most significant insights as to this vote can be gained from statistics compiled by the Lord Ashcroft. Watch what happens if we discount 55+ voters from the equation:

Age group Yes % No % Base
16-25 10 71.4% 4 28.6% 14
18-24 40 47.6% 44 52.4% 84

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