Scotland Yet

This is a video that popped up in my facebook feed a few days ago, it’s certainly a bit of a long one at about 94 minutes, but whether you’re Yes, No, or somewhere in between, it’s a really good video, so I’d recommend you give it a watch.

The video is made up of a number of interviews from people from all walks of life in Scotland; with the likes of the journalist Lesley Riddoch, founder of the Common Weal project Robin McAlpine, members of RIC, National Collective, and the Bus party. The video addresses a number of points on independence and, okay, it is a “Yes” video, but it does more than simply try to promote a “Yes” vote – it makes you think and talk.

Much like the Bus Party, which gets quite a bit of time in the video, the whole thing gets your mind going and forces you to ask questions, look into things and, most importantly, talk about the issues.



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