Making Soup and Watching Sharpe.

Hello again, I do hope you’ve all been having a splendid week, it would seem that Friday afternoon posts on the blog are actually becoming a regular occurrence. Perhaps we’ll be getting some regularity with the posts yet. It’s been an odd sort of week here, although the third time I have seen such a week; exams have finished, we’ve been curling in Stirling for the last time until the start of the new term and now everyone is saying their goodbyes before heading off home for summer; some only go down the road, others go half way across the world. It’s the same drill every year before summer. After all are parted we do different things; some travel, some study, some train, those who have left university for good often say their goodbyes for the last time, in our case (being Scots) somewhat drunkenly. Then there’s my category –  those who must pay rent over summer who scramble about looking for jobs. Rather unfortunately jobs are becoming scarce, especially for those with the intentions of going back to university after the summer. At present I am awaiting an email in response to a job I applied for, one for which I am quite qualified and, conveniently, is at the university. Things aren’t quite desperate yet, but unless something comes up in the next week or two they will be.

However, I have been making myself busy in between job hunting and another run of Sharpe. I do feel a certain affinity with Mr. Sharpe, born into a poor(ish) household and raised through the ranks of society, to the point where I’m not quite middle-class enough to fit in there, but no longer working class either. Thankfully (or perhaps not) the current state of things does mean that this is a position in which most now find themselves, so I do find myself in good company unlike the poor Colonel.

But, as I was saying, keeping busy! My flat mate, having decided to be healthy now, has taken a liking to making soup (or rather clearing off part way through the process to leave me to cook it!). It has, however, been interesting and is a damned good use of old meat or chicken carcasses that would otherwise be thrown away unused. The first occasion resulting in making far too much, I think we’ve got the volume right, now we just need to sort out the ingredients. Chicken broth seems to be the preferred soup at the moment due to its remarkable simplicity.

I also saw something that somewhat worried me the other day. Various cinemas across Scotland are now deciding to ban any adverts pertaining to the independence referendum that would otherwise be screened before films. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand the endless adverts and trailers before films, but I would much rather have something an independence referendum broadcast than another damned clip of some B-list celebrity flashing the latest i-Toaster or whatever it is around the place.

What irritates me about this is the fact that the cinemas are taking them down as people are complaining about them. For what? They aren’t offensive in anyway (although the BT ones are just dreadful). The main complaint is “it’s everywhere and we’re tired of seeing it!” I’m terribly sorry, I thought that the biggest decision that this country has made in three-hundred and seven years would be worth having a chat about, no?

Are people really so politically apathetic that this decision does not even move them. Fair enough, you might well be tired of seeing it, but the referendum is about a hundred days away and by god you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it in the coming weeks! My advice is, if you don’t want any more stuff like it ever again, buckle under, wait it out, and, on the 18th of September, vote “Yes”.

I’m hoping to do a wee piece at the weekend on voting Yes, but we all know how valuable such promises are from me! For now, I am going away to enjoy my soup, made with finest Scotch Broth Mix! Enjoy the rest of your Friday, folks and have a good weekend!


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