Elections, Fire Alarms, Exams and Pub!

Good evening chaps and chapettes! Thursday was indeed an eventful day; it saw my last exam of this, my third and penultimate, year of university during which the fire alarm went off, which was bloody annoying as I ended up having an hour less to spend in the pub! The scandal of it all! However, the exam was able to be finished and with its conclusion my third year of university drew to a close. To think that in a year’s time I will have a degree in Astrophysics is still somewhat daunting to me but exciting nonetheless. Naturally with the close of the exams came the obligatory trip to the pub, with copious amounts of alcohol, pool, table football and spamming the jukebox with hideous songs from the nineties and early naughties. I’m quite sure I made a fool of myself at more than one point, but frankly after the stress of this year’s exams, I think it was permitted.

Thursday did, of course, see something somewhat more noteworthy than my exams and binge drinking. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Jim, how could anything be more interesting than drunken shenanigans?” Well, it’s tough, but the European elections do come quite close to the mark and, as it would so happen, they were in fact happening that very same day. Now, whilst the elections may not be that exciting themselves; put a cross on a piece of paper and put the paper in a bucket, the run up to the election has been quite exciting itself.

In the weeks preceding the election I was quite undecided as to who I wanted to vote for. There was no shortage of campaign material going about, but I was quite upset with the media coverage. This is for one main reason; UKIP, the one’s I definitely knew I didn’t want to vote for, were being given no end of attention and were, in fact, given more attention that the main parties here. Now I am aware of quite a lot of UKIP’s appalling interviews and media gaffes galore, however, for a party like UKIP, any attention is good attention. People fed up with Labour, Conservative and that other one, see the shiny new party promising not to be like the others – whilst simultaneously being exactly like the others but worse – and think, “hey, I’ll vote for that lot.”

You then look to parties like the Greens, who, incidentally, I ended up voting for, who offer the protest against mainstream politics but who also have decent policies, aren’t racist, aren’t sexist, aren’t homophobic… (you see where I’m going with this) not getting anywhere near the media attention of UKIP and hence being forced into the sidelines. It’s somewhat worrying when you look at the fact that, if you take away party names and such, roughly 25% of the population would support the Greens, with Labour coming in just behind at 22%. When actually asked to give their opinions on various policies and policy areas the Greens come up trumps and UKIP is sitting way behind.

This data came from a recent YouGov poll published in the Telegraph, I believe, as part of their coverage of the EU and Local Elections. The fact is that people simply don’t agree with UKIP, but they don’t know it because UKIP doesn’t like to tell the people about its policies because then they’d get no votes. UKIP are quite simply playing on the charisma of their leader combined with the fear and uncertainty many people currently feel.

What’s more worrying is the rise of far right lunatic fringe groups such as Britain First (like the EDL but with branded jackets) and other racist headcases. However, the lunatic right is a subject for another post, perhaps this weekend.

But on a cheerier note, because I’m now free, I shall hopefully be posting more often on this blog throughout the summer and, who knows, maybe I’ll get the vlog up and going. But we’ll just have to wait and see; first thing’s first, I need a job to pay rent, so we’ll have to work it from there.

But that’s about all today. As usual, thanks for reading. Have a good weekend folks!


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