Two Train Wreck Interviews in One Day!

Hello once again, chaps and chapettes. Well, today has been interesting indeed, a Quantum Mechanics exam and a job interview for a job that I really should have been able to simply walk into. The day started off well enough, it was actually warm and sunny in Glasgow! This is quite unheard of, I can assure you. The exam, which was expected to be utterly brutal turned out to be quite nice. Again, quite unheard of, quantum mechanics is, by definition, not a friendly course. All seemed to be going well, however, at about lunch time, things went quite terribly tits-up…

I had a job interview for an events based marketing job, one for which I happen to be rather well qualified for (yes, I am aware of the irony of a socialist working in marketing). Over the phone, I made a reasonably good connection with the head of recruitment and on my way to the interview I was in quite good spirits, what with the nice weather and a jolly good Tesco sandwich in my bag waiting for me.

In the offices, I made friendly chat with another applicant and the head of recruitment and then I was called through for a short interview, first stage interview, nothing too formal; easy, right? Nope. I was asked questions to which I could give no reasonable answer and when I mentioned that I was still at university… that didn’t seem to sit well. Then came the worst question one can be asked (seriously, you shouldn’t even be allowed to ask this question!) “What is your best life achievement?” It’s so vague, it could mean anything and that’s never good; in the microseconds it took my brain to process that question and send the commands to open my mouth and commence speaking I managed to forget everything of note I have ever done… and I mean everything.

As I got up to leave the interview both of us knew that he wasn’t going to give me the job… not a good way to leave an interview. Still, could have been worse… I could be Nigel Farage.

Yes, upon getting home it did give me a little spark of joy to note that Mr. Farage had gone through an absolute disaster of an interview at roughly the same time as mine. He was on LBC being interviewed by James O’Brien. In the interview Mr. Farage who is campaigning as an MEP and the leader of UKIP was quizzed on a number of issues from UKIP racism and his own comments that were deemed racist, to expenses and party corruption and bigotry.

Now, I don’t like O’Brien’s particular… “sledge hammer” approach to interviews, but I really do detest UKIP and Nigel Farage, so the interview was quite entertaining for me. It really was quite a disaster, with many saying that this interview may go a long way to destroying much of UKIP’s chance at gaining ground. And anything that buggers UKIP is good by my books. In fact, it was so disastrous that Nigel Farage’s Director of Communications had to intervene and bring the interview to a close.

It’s really quite good fun to watch, so I’ll include the link for you down below.

Have a good weekend, folks!


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