Solar Limb Darkening, Crap Whisky and Unemployment…

Well, it’s been another one of those weeks; very long, very tiring and, somehow, seemingly quite empty. I’ve now finished all of my classes for this year, a welcome load taken off of my back, however much more now looms over me – chiefly those pesky exams that seem to happen every year. I’m in my penultimate year of an honours course which means, rather unfortunately, that these exams are actually kind of important. What’s more is that I now seem to have eight of them to worry about.

I also spent the past weekend down in Stranraer for the Scottish Universities’ Curling Open. Basically, this is a weekend of drinking and shenanigans interspersed with a few games of curling, a thoroughly tiring weekend. However it was not just about the drinking as, for the first time in a few years, Glasgow came home with the gold medals; a weekend well spent.

As if all of this was not enough, I have been face with writing a report for my astronomy project this year. For those of you who are interested, my group was tasked with investigating the effect known as Solar Limb Darkening. It’s a little complicated to explain but fairly simple once you know what’s going on. The only snag is the fact that we have a lot of different things that require discussing and a hell of a lot of data that needs to be justified.

So, I’ve been spending quite a length of time at my computer and the ones in the library pouring over equations, MATLAB, graphs etc. It’s been a long week and this next one is only going to be longer.

However, it doesn’t get any easier, rather sadly. I’m currently contemplating my current situation regarding employment – or perhaps, more correctly, lack thereof. My student loan, whilst rather modest, is what tidies me through term time; I get a little help from my parents enough to give me a reasonable amount to live on each month provided I budget correctly. However, that only pays between the months of September and May. For June, July and August, I’m on my own. To add to this, my exams finish right towards the end of May, meaning that I need to have a job to jump straight into in order to pay the rent over summer.

Take it from me; studying for eight exams, writing a fifteen page report and looking for a job all at the same time is not a winning combination. However, I will admit, that it has kept me on my toes and I haven’t spent too much time feeling bored lately.

At this point, my mind has been sort of wondering a little and I do get periods where I can’t take the physics any more and I’m hoping it might lead to a few more insightful posts here… then again, I may just end up crying in a heap in the corner. For now however, I think I shall try and spend this Sunday evening relaxing with my glass of whisky. It’s not fantastic; Clan MacGregor, a blend, it’s not completely awful either – a little bit of ginger ale and it’s quite palatable.

Have a nice evening folks. Sláinte mhath.


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