I’m Back!

Hello once more, my dear readers. I am quite sure that some of the more eagle eyed among you will have noticed that it appears I haven’t posted very much for the past number of weeks, and you’d be quite right at that too. The reason for my extended absence from this blog has been quite simple, I have moved out of my home to a flat in the city’s west end. Rather unfortunately this meant that we had no internet for thirty-two days, frankly, I am unsure as to how either of us survived, but we made it nonetheless.

This extended absence has been a bit of a mixed bag as far as the blog is concerned; apart from the fact that is has been gathering dust for over a month, I have done lot’s of things worthy of writing about, only to forget most of them (or at least forget enough about them to make writing on them a little pointless).  I do, however still have a couple of things to talk about regarding events I have been to. However the biggest downside is that I have spent over four weeks completely out of the loop as, rather unfortunately, our TV didn’t get plugged in until very recently and we still can’t get “cooncil telly” (Channels 1-5) or anything even vaguely connected to BBC.

Combine all this with the colossal sledge hammer to the crotch that the university term restarting is, and one has an almost fool proof recipe for mental breakdown, trust me, I’ve been closer than I’d like and it’s only week four. However, the past couple of months have been quite an experience as, for the first time ever, I am living away from home, managing all of my own affairs; from study to travel to cleaning and, god help us, even to cooking (something I seem to have a reasonable knack for too).

My plan, once things settle down and I try and realise what the hell is happening to me, is to put up a post roughly once per week, most likely a Saturday, with some reasonable political/religious/social content, with other posts going up when ever I can manage it,  hell, I might even share some of my recipes with you. Try these at your own risk, people, my curries have so far been quite… warm.

As for the vlog, Christ knows what’s happening with that one. I will endeavour to have that running once more too, as soon as I find the box I put my camera in. And yes, Twitter will begin happening at some point again too.

However, that’s probably all I’ll be giving you just now, there is more work needing done – I have a lab analysing Electron Spin Resonance and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to try and understand before tomorrow, but Mr. Mahler will be along to help with that.. Until the next time, thanks for reading and sticking the wait out.


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