Time for Obama to Hand Back His Peace Prize

Hello once again, everyone. So as it turns out, the United States is above the United Nations, or at least that’s what they appear to think anyway. Yes, in a show that will not surprise a single person, President Obama has decided that his intelligence is better and more legal than anything the UN Weapons Inspectors can come up with. The entire world is now calling for the UN inspectors to be allowed to finish their work before any kind of intervention is considered, even the UK Government has postponed a vote in the House of Commons regarding military action pending the findings of the UN inspectors.

Obama Knows Better than the UN – Image Credit NY Daily News

Since the chemical attack first happened, there has been no real evidence for the case that the government forces used them, yet the US seems certain that Assad did. In fact, it makes no sense for Assad to use them. The weapon was detonated while UN inspectors were in the country, while the Assad Government was attempting to prove it had no WMDs and while it was trying to appeal for international support.

It in fact makes perfect sense for the rebels to detonate a chemical device; it derails peace talks, makes their allies think Assad has WMDs and lures the West into intervening on their behalf, which, as it turns out, we are stupid enough to fall for. Now plenty of people say that it makes no sense for the rebels to detonate a chemical device on their own people, but don’t forget that these are the same people who have massacred civilians, disemboweled government soldiers on camera and have eaten the body parts of dead soldiers and civilians. They will do anything to further their cause.

To be fair, this has all been idle speculation until now, however, the UN inspectors, now two days from completing their inspection tour are telling us that the evidence points to the rebels’ use of chemical weapons with no evidence of Assad’s regime using the weapons. The UN’s Carla Del Ponte said regarding the use of Sarin gas; “This was used on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities.”  She added that there was no evidence of the Government having used the gas.

However, the US administration has decided that it knows better. Never mind the motives, never mind the fact that rebel snipers opened fire on UN Inspectors, never mind the actual evidence being presented by the UN Inspectors, the US Government obviously knows better than everyone else.

President Obama’s Government have “concluded” that Syrian government forces were behind the chemical attack. He doesn’t need to provide his evidence, he just needs to tell us that’s what the facts are. He went on to say that the use of chemical weapons by the Assad Regime were in conflict with “US National Interests.”

The affairs of a sovereign country, in its own civil war, with its own politics, and this constitutes national interests of the United States? Never mind the millions of innocent people that could have their lives put in danger by any conflict stemming from a US lead intervention in Syria, as long as US national interests are satisfied – yeah, that’s fine.

At this point, I really don’t know what to say; I mean, is it so the US can retain its position as a “super power” and remain unchallenged? Or is Obama just fueling his ego and building some kind of sick legacy? Or perhaps there are other monetary assets to be had in Syria? But what ever they are, they are clearly more important than the lives of human beings.

If Obama thinks that he knows better than the United Nations and decides to launch a strike against Syria, he’s going to have to do some serious thinking about the consequences of such action.

And, Mr. Obama, I seriously think it’s about time you consider handing back that lump of metal that once represented a Nobel Peace Prize.


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