Better Together’s Secret “Public Meeting”

So as many of you are probably aware, Better Together does not seem to be fond of open debates in public over independence. One can scarcely imagine why one side of such a large debate would be so vehemently opposed to actually debating, but there we go; they spin out their scare stories, Yes shrugs them off and life continues. Whilst it’s bad enough that Better Together refuse to debate their point in public, despite invitations from across the Yes Campaign for an open and public debate, it seems now that it only gets worse.

Their past public meetings have, by some miracle, actually been public. Needless to say, this means that some Yes supporters will often go along to question the BT speakers to try and get some answers – something that we would expect at any public meeting during any kind of campaign. However, as we know, Better Together don’t like debate or questions, as was clear for all to see when Henry McLeish, a very experienced Labour Politician and committed unionist, spoke out against the techniques BT were using to campaign.

Well, as a result of all this, their latest “Public Meeting” would appear to be anything but public. The location is being kept secret and only revealed to those who go through the RSVP procedures, which results in a barrage of Better Together spam directed straight at your inbox, even members of the Labour Party, invited in a letter from Alastair Darling himself, are only given the words a “Central Glasgow Location” and a post code, G2 4AD.

In fact, the only way for anyone to get the address of the location is not only to RSVP, but then to wait until they deign to reveal it to us. So essentially, we have a public meeting that is only going to be attended by the few people who know about it and who are supporters of Better Together, yet another opportunity for BT to avoid any real discussion or debates on the issues at hand, which really servers only to distance themselves further still from the rest of the Scottish electorate.

The idea that they simply think it’s okay to avoid any real debate and to hide away whilst claiming to have a public meeting. From what I can tell by the post code given, which is given under the heading “Location”, the opening is likely to be either their Campaign Office or the Blythswood Square Hotel. Either way, I would implore as many people to turn up as possible and to ask the BT chairman, Alastair Darling, in person “why should we vote to stay in the union?” Show up and get some real debate going, who knows, we might even squeeze some answers out of them.

I will be keeping a close eye on things from here, but feel free to RSVP, but prepare for spam.

I will most likely be going along myself, if any of you can’t go but want questions asked, leave them in the comments section. Thanks for reading.



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