Bitter Together, Yet to Set a “Positive Case”

Hello once again, it’s been a busy couple of days here with quite a wee bit going on around the house, but I’m managing to keep on top of things… well, sort of. For this post, I have decided to step away from Russia and back into home territory once more. You see, whilst I have discussed various matters around Scottish independence, I haven’t given Project Fear a proper seeing to, and I figured it was about time, and with less that four hundred days until the referendum, now seems as good a time as any.

Bitter Together – Image Credit

Now a lot of people criticise me, and indeed others on the Yes side of things, for referring to the “Better Together” Campaign with names such as “Bitter Together” and “Project Fear”. However, the thing is that the BT camp claim to be laying out a “Positive Case for the Union”, however I am yet to hear of one truly positive case for staying in the union. Further to that, whilst the Yes Campaign are busy talking about the positive points of Scottish independence and the challenges ahead, BT seem to spin out a constant stream of fear stories that dry up and fall apart only a few days later.

The most recent, and by far one of their more spectacular ones yet, was the claim that Labour for Independence was an SNP front. Whilst the story was indeed entertaining, it was completely unfounded and anyone with a half a brain and a basic grasp on the independence debate was able to see through it. Labour for Indy have been around for well over a year now and have a reasonable presence in the debate. Needless to say, that story lasted about two days before it died on its arse. I wrote an article on the subject a couple of weeks ago, so it should be around somewhere.

In fact over the past few weeks even, the stories have been quite entertaining to look at, one needs only look at the headlines to see this too. For example, “Bordering on the Ridiculous” makes claims that border controls between rUK and Scotland could be put in place and are “up for debate”, yet this problem has not arisen in Ireland, where travel between Northern Ireland and the Republic is relatively simple. The next one is “Salmond is Running a Counterfeit Campaign” which sounds absolutely ridiculous; apart from hitting at the LfI again and desperately flogging that particular dead horse, they make claims that “Salmond’s Independence Campaign is trying to adopt the language used by Better Together.” What, English?

The last one really irks me quite a bit, because Bitter Together still doesn’t seem to understand that this is not Salmond’s campaign. Whilst Salmond was the man who called for the referendum, he is not running the campaign for a yes vote. The campaign for a yes vote is in fact made up of many groups, the largest of which is  Yes Scotland, chaired by Mr. Blair Jenkins. It should also be noted that Yes Scotland is in no way affiliated with the SNP, it is a non-partisan group calling for Scottish Independence and nothing more. Any policy beyond that is a matter for parties to decide. The confusion then arises because the only party actually planning post independence policy is the SNP. The Tories, the Red Tories and the other party (they wear orange ties, I think), simply sit with their heads in the sand pretending it’s not an issue. But it should be noted that Yes Scotland =/= SNP.

But the think that annoys me the most, above all the silly name calling and stories about LfI being an SNP front or the Moon actually being a clever ploy by Alex Salmond to distract the voters. It’s the constant fear mongering and belittling of the Scottish People. The constant stream of stories telling us, not why we shouldn’t be independence, not why we should stay within the union, but why we can’t be independent. We are constantly told, Scotland cannot be independent, you’re not good enough, Scotland will fail as an independent nation, the Scottish people simply aren’t capable of ruling themselves. And of course the fear mongering; Faslane will have to be annexed, you won’t be able to trade with Europe. There are even completely contradictory stories, The Oil is running out, rUK would keep the oil. It wears thin.

The Scottish people are tired of being told they can’t. It’s precisely because we have had so long being told we can’t that has lead to this referendum. Scotland know’s that independence brings uncertainty, but if anything the Scots are a resilient people who are up for a challenge, and they are ready to face what ever comes at them.

The sad thing is, that the Independence Debate is no longer a real debate, Yes Scotland tells us about the positive case for independence, tells us what’s possible, what we could gain. Better Together simply tells us everything we will lose and that anyone else is lying and that “separation” will ruin Scotland. BT produce story after story, only to retract comments here, withdraw accusations there and watch as each fear mongering tale crumbles under basic facts. As of yet, we are still to see Better Together Chairperson, Alistair Darling agree to a public debate, whilst Yes Scotland chairperson Blair Jenkins has said all he would need is a time and place and he’ll be there.

Does it not seem like a sign of a weak campaign when the chairperson of that campaign hasn’t responded to requests for a debate on the subject on which he campaigns?

I am a great lover of debate, and Better Together haven’t provided that. Instead they continue to lay down a bed of lies and unfounded fairy tales, something that won’t fool Scots for long.

As ever, please do get involved via the comments section. Thanks for reading.



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