Ew! Keep Your Religion Away from Me!

Hello once more, friends and readers. So as I said earlier, I have been having fun with exams, yesterday was Mulitvariable Calculus and next week is Linear Algebra. However, in my ongoing quest to avoid looking at maths for too long, I have been ranting and getting angry about various things that are going on in the world, as you do. The thing that really got me going recently, and indeed has been doing so for quite some time, is the matter of religion becoming ever more present in some of the states around the world.

Now I am usually a fairly tolerant kind of guy, hell I’ve even been known to have friends who vote Conservative, but there is something about religious people that really gets to me. Don’t get me wrong, most religious people are fine and keep their personal beliefs to themselves, but there are those who don’t seem to understand just what personal beliefs actually are. These people are generally in a minority, but their outspoken nature and their positions of power, in some circumstances, make them a real threat to the lives of ordinary people.

The most notable form this takes is state endorsed religion, when religion essentially becomes part of the government, with religious doctrine being present in the legislative process. For some reason, even though we saw it as wrong and the number of states with a state religion was decreasing, recently we have seen a rise in influential countries around the world letting religion take a higher and higher stance in our governments.

The most notable example of late has been the Russian Federation, with the Russian Orthodox Church becoming more and more involved in Russian Politics. This doesn’t really come as a surprise anymore, with Russia simply exuding corruption on a scale not fathomed by mankind previously, however that does not make it right. Most recently the Orthodox church has pushed bills through the Russian Government that place greater and greater restrictions on the rights and liberties of LGBT individuals, I did an article about this earlier on.

However it is not only the restrictions on the freedoms of LGBT individuals and the demeaning of their relationships, but the fact that the state is not turning a blind eye to blatant crimes being committed against these people. Gangs of right-wing individuals have been luring gay men into traps, torturing and humiliating them whilst, in many circumstances, recording the whole thing on video. There have been numerous cases of attacks like these and so far no prosecutions. Why? Because they are doing the church’s work.

The simple fact is that the Orthodox Church is targeting a group of people for the sole reason that they don’t like them, the fact that they’re different confuses the church. This blatant disregard for human rights is not only being ignored by the government, but downright supported by it; the Church sticks its nose into government to gain more power, and who knows what sort of nonsense goes on in return. Baseless claims I know, but something stinks. And do you know what it stinks of? It stinks of fascism. The persecution of a group of people based on their beliefs and life style choices. Great Mother Russia, who is so proud of having rid the world of fascism, is now bowing to that way of thinking herself.

The thing about religion is that it is a personal belief, a personal choice, one which you have no rights to thrust upon other members of society. If your church or synagogue or mosque or what ever has multiple members with the same faith and beliefs as you, great, but do not go forcing them on others who think differently. If anything, it’s just common fucking courtesy. And on that note, it is completely unacceptable for an entire state to force its beliefs on the people. In this day and age, with so many different cultures around and mixing, religion has no place in government. You wouldn’t give the local Bridge Club a say in the affairs of government, so why the local church?

Anyway, I know this has been a bit of a rant, but I have been terribly busy. I’m away now to continue my linear algebra work, but I shall see you all soon. Thanks for reading.


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