Labour for Indy an ‘SNP Plot’

So hello, once again. It’s been a couple of days since I posted, even on twitter, but I’ve had some rather more pressing matters on my mind, most notably the insane attempt to understand multi-variate calculus by the day after tomorrow. However, the latest burst of fear scented bilge that Project Fear has spouted forth unto the world, I feel, deserves some mention. The latest shenanigan, as you may have guessed from the title, is the claim by the Better Together campaign that Labour Voters for Independence is simply a movement set up by the SNP to confuse voters.

This is so utterly bizarre that I didn’t believe it to be serious, and took it for another spoof post, until I realised that it was posted on the official BT facebook page and was receiving real media attention. LFI, whilst a small group, has been around for over a year now, and like the SNP, Yes Scotland, Women for Independence, Liberal Democrat Voters for Independence, the Scottish Socialist Party and the Scottish Greens, is a real movement campaigning for a Yes vote in 2014.

The rumour kicked off when a photo, published on LFI’s facebook page showing members of the Yes Campaign, who also happened to be members of the SNP, standing alongside members of LFI under an LFI banner, during a campaign day in Kilmarnock. In the original photograph, the Yes Campaign stall was clearly visible, making it clear in the photo that both groups were campaigning alongside each other, with Yes members offering support.

After having cut the photo in half, so as to exclude the side of the photo showing the Yes stall, the Bitter Together supporters played at detective and found photos of the people, already wearing “Yes” tee-shirts and hence clearly not LFI members, wearing SNP ribbons. This hence gave conclusive proof that LFI was an SNP Plot. In fact, even Scottish Labour, in desperate bids to please their Westminster masters turned their guns on LFI, with deputy leader, Anas Sarwar saying “Labour for Independence appears to be nothing more than a sham and a SNP front.”

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Good Morning Scotland’, Labour For Independence chairman Alan Grogan defended the group, himself a member of the Labour Party and denounced claims that it had SNP members within its ranks. The group’s policy states that one must either be a member of the Labour Party or of no party to join, with forty percent of the members being members of the Labour Party.

The Labour for Independence group was formed by members of the Labour party who were not content with the party’s leadership working “hand in glove” with the Tories. It is a grassroots campaign standing for traditional Labour values in an independent Scotland. Mr. Grogan said of the SNP members at the stall:

“If SNP members are handing out our leaflets it is an acknowledgement that the Labour vote is an important one in this referendum and they are willing to forego party politics to help us get our message across.”

With even the leadership of the Labour Party refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of this group, we get a clearer picture still of the length that the negative campaigning on the BT side is going. Labour, a party traditionally associated with grass roots politics and listening to the membership has now abandoned a not insignificant number of its members in favour of pleasing the Tories.

To me it seems yet another way in which the BT lot, along with the undecided voters, are going to be persuaded to vote “Yes”. This constant betrayal of values from the Labour Party, the never ending streaks of negative campaigning from all of Better Together. It wears people out when you constantly tell them “you can’t”, and when legitimate groups within parties are dismissed by their own party leadership.

Labour is already losing many of its members from thinking Better Together to thinking Yes. It has come to the stage where Better Together campaigning is so annoying for everyone, that if all the groups campaigning for a Yes vote stopped campaigning, they could still rest easy knowing that BT would do the work for them.

Anyway, that’s my rant on the matter, I am away back to the world of maths. Please feel free to keep the discussion going via comments. Thanks for reading.


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