Keeping Faslane is “not credible”.

For the first time in quite a wee while, Downing Street seems to have spoken sense; I know, it’s crazy, I’m putting it down to this ludicrous heat. However, in a press statement yesterday, the Prime Minister’s office said that the UK containing to hold onto Faslane as a Sovereign Base Area in the event of Scotland seceding from the Union, was not ‘credible or sensible’. The statement comes in the aftermath of the Ministry of Defence said that moving the base would incur ‘enormous’ costs on both sides. The MoD plans were disputed by the SNP led Scottish Government, with Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, branding it “an outrageous attempt at bullying by the UK Government.”

“Whoops…” Image Credit, ITV 1, Taken from Munguin’s Republic

The MoD statement sparked fury in many other groups across Scotland, including the various anti-nuclear groups in Scotland, with many Scots taking to facebook and twitter to voice their concerns. The statement from Downing Street will come as quite a relief for those who support Scottish Independence, Downing Street also said that no such plans had been presented by the Defence Secretary and would likely not be approved if they had been.

However, whilst the incident seems to have been cleaned up, there is the sense of a bitter being left in the wake of this particular debacle. It raises the question of just what will happen to Faslane and other such sites around Scotland following independence, and just what the UK Government may pull next. It does however leave a stunning victory for the Yes Campaign, with constant calls that Westminster isn’t working in Scotland, and now we see the mess it is in with department spokespeople saying one thing for the department, whilst the Prime Minister says another and the Defence Secretary remains stunningly quiet.

None the less, it is indeed a relief, one less bat-shit mental UK policy to worry about is always a good thing. Anyway, that’s me done here, just a short little bit of news.

I’ve just finished packing my bags for my holiday now, all I need for two weeks on the North Coast packed into the back of the car, just the telescope to go in now, but that can be done tomorrow morning, when we have all the food in first. Needless to say, I may be a little lighter on the posts for the next fortnight, but hopefully I can keep you updated via twitter. And, of course, there will be plenty of photos when I get back.

Thanks for reading.


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