Saltire Scandals and Scorching Sunshine

Hello once again, as it has been for the past few days, it has been absolutely scorching here in Glasgow today, thankfully however, not quite as humid as yesterday, which I suppose is a plus, but it’s still so hot that normal chores become challenges in their own rights. I spent the day mowing my grandmother’s lawn, it’s a reasonably big lawn and not very flat, so the work took some time, but lunch was provided, along with a little bit of cash to keep me ticking over. The lawn really isn’t something I mind doing, I find it sort of therapeutic, but the heat today made it unbearable. But we got there in the end, and the lawn looks good, that should be it for another few weeks anyway, and joy of joys, our own lawn is starting to need it too.

As I say, however, lunch was very kindly provided by my grandparents, during which time I was able to peruse the day’s papers, and still the ongoing row regarding Salmond and his saltire at Wimbledon is making news, why? It’s not exciting, it’s old and it’s hardly even a shock. “Good heaven’s the Scottish First Minister, representing the Scottish National Party, was waving a Scottish flag after a Scotsman won Wimbledon! I was not expecting that!” For those of you who didn’t see the “incident” or “stunt” here is a picture for your amusement:

The ‘outrageous stunt’, image credit BBC News

I, for one, don’t see the problem with this, when the Union Flag flies at sporting events such as the Olympic games, that is fine, such a display of nationalism is acceptable, even encouraged. Even the English flag flying around places is perfectly fine and dandy, yet for some reason, as soon as the Saltire is raised, all hell breaks loose. Suddenly it is simply not acceptable, it becomes a political stunt. Stunt? Really? The fact that the cameras moved to show the first minister was not within the control of Mr. Salmond, he was simply celebrating an historic sporting victory, in a manner acceptable for everyone but the Scots.

Mr. Salmond could not have known the cameras would be there, that this image would be captured as it was, and yet we are told it is a blatant stunt of the nationalists, furthering their separatists agenda.

Needless to say, the Better Together campaign have jumped on this one too, however the SNP seem to be the only ones speaking sense here, defending it as celebration, which, given the occasion, was merited.

In fact, so weak has the argument been, that previous comments have disappeared and are being replaced with the argument that the flag was too big and shouldn’t have been allowed onto the court and that the FM should have been searched beforehand.

I mean, really, guys, if you are going to take a picture and try and get some political gain from it, at least try plan what you’re going to do. As a ‘Yes’ supporter, I suppose I am biased here, although I am by no means a nationalist, but the Better Together campaign really need to sort themselves out here, because these tactics are not going to work, and I fear they may even lose them support.

But with the referendum now just over a year away, it looks like the Better Together lot are going to be pulling out all the stops and trying every measure they can, and it is getting desperate, with David Cameron using 2014 to mark the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War, sick on so many levels, and now publicly condemning a man for celebrating a national sporting hero and then publicly telling Andy Murray that he should be knighted. It really is getting a little pathetic, with the Better Together camp pulling out all the scaremongering and desperate vote-buying tricks in an effort to stave of a yes vote.

Yes, a Saltire above Mr. Cameron’s head was hilarious, but I mean for God’s sake, it was not an outrageous stunt, it was not newsworthy at the time, and five days on, it certainly isn’t newsworthy anymore.

Anyway, that is my rant for the day, I’m away off now to try and cool off, it’s six thirty and still uncomfortably hot. I think some kind of tall, icy drink is in order. As usual, feel free to add your opinion on the ‘stunt’, or this crazy weather too, below in the comments, and thanks for reading.


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