I haven’t been lazy, I swear

Hello everyone, so for the past couple of days, things have been relatively quiet about here, but there have been some interesting developments and other things going on recently; namely the fact that it has been absolutely roasting here these past few days, today we topped, where we are, about 30 Degrees Celsius, which for those of you who still go by imperial units is roughly 86 Fahrenheit, that with 54% humidity and nearly zero wind for the day has made things pretty slow. Still, a nice curry and a blackcurrant G&T seemed to work quite well to counter the heat.

But onto real matters of interest; firstly, my sister, in her infinite bloggy-wisdom, suggested that I actually make this a blog, just to show you that I am actually human, so that’s a thing that might be happening, should I remember… Anyway, that will mean that there is at least a constant stream of posts, however it won’t be my dinner and chit chat all the time, but will include actual posts too, allowing me to rant at the business of the day, I like ranting. Hopefully this should have the upside of keeping me posting, as opposed to days on end where I do sweet fuck all. Secondly, I have also considered supplementing this blog with some kind of video blog, or vlog as the young people seem to be calling it these days, in order to actually do some real rants and give some more content. As I say, this would likely be a supplement to this blog, but we’ll see how that goes, it may be a couple of weeks before that one gets going, but watch this space.

Thirdly, and on to real news, I have received a response from Johann Lamont MSP, leader of the Scottish Labour Party and my local MSP, regarding my original letter to her, in which I asked her to bring the issue of the Scottish Government’s position on a Scottish currency up with the First Minister. The response is as follows;

Dear Mr Whittle

Thank you for your e-mail.

I share your concerns about the Scottish Government’s position on what the currency of an independent Scotland would be, that’s why I raised this issue at First Minister’s Questions on 21st March 2013.

During this session, I asked “Will the First Minister tell the people of Scotland what his plan B is if the deal that the Bank of England is bad for the country?”

Unfortunately, the First Minister’s response to my question was far from satisfactory.

The Scottish Labour Party is committed to ensuring that those who can vote in the referendum are fully informed of the benefits of remaining within the UK.

With this in mind, I can assure you that myself, and my Labour Party colleagues across the UK, will continued to press Alex Salmond and his Government to publish the full details about their assertions and what independence would really mean.

Yours Sincerely

Johann Lamont MSP

Whilst this may not actually be of much help in getting an answer it is at least a start, and where my local MSP has failed to get an answer, most likely due to inter-party rivalries, I hope that I can make a go of it. With that, I am going to continue in pressuring the First Minister directly, in the hope that this question can be answered.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on recently and what is planned for the near future, for now, however, I have a glass of Glenfiddich that I really cannot let go to waste, thanks for reading, Sláinte Mhaith!


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