My Latest Little Project

As I said in my last post, I have been ’embroiled’ in the world of politics… perhaps that’s not the right word, but it will do for now. If you live in the U.K. you will be aware of a lot of the debates surrounding the independence referendum in Scotland, one of which is that of a currency to be used by an independent Scotland. This debate has been going on for about as long as the independence debate has, however has only come to the attention of the public within the past couple of months. As it stands, the SNP led Scottish Government is advocating the position that Scotland and the U.K. could continue to share the Pound, creating a Sterling-Zone across the British Isles.

Now, the fact that I disagree with this, as it doesn’t really give us full independence, is a matter for a different post, the matter at hand is the pigheadedness that the SNP are approaching the situation with. The SNP have made clear that they intend to negotiate with the Bank of England and Her Majesty’s Treasury for the creation of a Sterling-Zone, however have failed to provide any kind of indication as to what would be the plan, should such negotiations fail, this is despite the Chancellor of the Excheuquer, George Osbourne, warning that such a plan would be ‘unlikely’ to succeed.

The fact is, that if negotiations fail, Scotland could be left without a back-up plan, and perhaps without a currency; now I know we have been told to expect some economic risks with independence, but that’s one I’d rather avoid. And if we do in fact have a plan-b, what is it? Why must it be kept from us? We need answers, it is the right of the Scottish People to know what currency they will have in their pockets come 2016.

To that end, I wrote to my local MSP, Johann Lamont, the leader of the Scottish Labour Party, asking her to urge the First Minister to provide clarification on what plan-b might be, and how much it has actually been planned and considered. However, I received no reply, having sent the email three weeks prior. Add to this that the Scottish Parliament has gone into summer recess, and that makes things just a little more difficult; one can’t exactly raise an issue in parliament if all the rotters are on holiday.

So, I am left with two options, wait for parliament to resume and continue pestering MSPs, or an open letter to the First Minister, Alex Salmond. In the next couple of days, I plan to write an open letter to the First Minister, asking him to provide clarity on the issue, this will hopefully allow the letter to become widespread and for multiple people to sign it too. So, that’s my latest project… and the thing I’m going to use as an excuse for posting jack-shit the past few days.

So yeah, that will be coming soon, keep a look out for it.

As usual, if you have any questions or points, let me know in the comments section, and thanks for reading.


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