The New Guy in Town

Greetings all,

So, this is the first post, hopefully of many, on a new blog of mine aimed at discussing Marxism and other forms of socialism in the twenty first century. I’ll also aim to discuss current affairs, politics, religion and all the usual stuff you’d come to expect from one of them godless crazy Marxists. If I get the chance, I may even start up a youtube channel to do some of that ‘vlogging’ that I have heard so much about, although that’s perhaps a venture for another day. However, before I commence my ranting and raving of various descriptions, perhaps a proper introduction is in order.

My name is Jim Whittle, I don’t mind telling you that because frankly if you wanted to stalk or harass me over the internet, my name no longer really matters a damn. I’m a Marxist, well, I’m sure some Orthodox Marxists would disagree with me there, so I’m sort of a Contemporary Marxist; I see the good in Marx’s ideas, however they do need to be adapted slightly to fit into a twenty-first century setting. Some have also described me as a Libertarian-Socialist or a Democratic-Socialist, frankly, I’m fine with all of these. I’m a member of the Contemporary Marxist Party, a small, Unitarian, left-wing party based primarily in Scotland, of which I am currently the Party Secretary.

I have been a Socialist for quite a while, since I was about fourteen, which is admittedly only five years, but that’s about a quarter of my life right there. From my earliest days as a socialist, I enjoyed formulating my own beliefs, my own manifestos, my own theories. So much so did I enjoy this, that at the age of fifteen I wrote my own full manifesto and made copies for my friends, let me tell you, in a private school, that doesn’t go unnoticed. I became known as the crazy communist of the school, but it was something I was largely fine with, mostly because no one could be bothered arguing with me about it.

As time has gone on, I have refined my ideas, read into various theories and read various books, as a matter of fact ‘The Communist Manifesto’ has a special place next to my bed. Sad, eh? Now I am at university, studying Physics and Astrophysics, the fun really never ends. I have become involved with various societies, such as the Marxists Society and, briefly, The Socialist Appeal. However, I am still part of the CMP, something I do plan to continue in as long as I can. For me, however, it’s not about the organisation that you are in, rather the goals you fight for. If you’re a member of the SPGB, the SSP, the SWP or the CMP or whatever, as long as you strive to end capitalism and bring about a fairer society for all, then you are a comrade of mine.

Perhaps I should also point out, that the name of the blog is a little misleading, I am currently a full time student. However, I have been out into the world of work and seen just how hard things are. I do spent my summers working and the term time doing part time work, if I can find it, that is. In my life time, I have seen the capitalist system for what it is, both through my own exploits and those of others, especially my parents.

So that’s me. The part-time working, Glaswegian, Marxist, Physics student. A brief introduction, yes, but hopefully my subsequent posts will being to speak for me, and hopefully they will speak to you too.

See you later.


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