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Hello, Comrades and Welcome.

This is the “official” blog of myself, the Weegie Worker – Socialist, Blogger, Physicist and Idealistic Numpty.

I am a Scottish Socialist, supporter of Independence, supporter of Nuclear Disarmament, etc. I feel strongly about the current mess that capitalist policies and the greed that comes with them have plunged the people of this country into, let alone the rest of the world. This blog is basically my thoughts on various issues, from Glasgow, Scotland, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. As ever, I am always up for some debate, so feel free to comment on any posts to continue the debate or to ask questions.

It should also be noted that I really am no writer, so this is likely to be a rather interesting combination of rants and rambles, and, if we’re very lucky, something that actually makes sense… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Most of this stuff will be written in one go, i.e., no real thought or planning, just my thoughts as and when they happen; as such, I may contradict myself, I may not be entirely restrained in my language or topic material, and I will have no apologies – if something offends you, I couldn’t care less.

Anyway; that’s the general pattern of things here, disorganised rants and the occasional bit of  sense for good measure.

Thanks for stopping by


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